I have a few standard ways I use to cut the calories in many of the recipes I use. Here are some of my best tips for making any full-fat recipe a little healthier. This list is ever growing, so be sure to check back for updates!

Healthy Substitutions

  • Replace Butter with Olive Oil
  • Replace Cream with Half and Half or Chicken Stock
  • I almost never eat white rice or bread these days, I always use brown rice or a nutty bread.
  • Try to cut out the sugar completely or replace it with fruit juices. I rarely use any type of sugar in my recipes. Instead, you’ll see ingredients like orange juice, grapes, or some of the sweeter vegetables like sauteed onions or carrots. If sugar is a must try one of the natural varieties like agave as a substitute.

Other Ways to Reduce the Calories

  • Cut the cheese in half – I love cheese, don’t get me wrong, but most times it’s just as good with a little less.
  • Cut the fat in half (or more) unless it’s absolutely needed for cooking. Add more spices, instead of getting the flavor from fats.
  • Add more vegetables! Vegetables are full of fiber and nutrition, but super low in calories.


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