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Hey y’all!

My friends over at Mary Kay and Influenster were kind enough to send me a Mary Kay VoxBox full of some awesome new Mary Kay products to try out and review.

Influenster VoxBox

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear Mary Kay???

I’ve used Mary Kay products in the past, because my aunt sold Mary Kay for awhile. I mean, come on, who doesn’t know someone that has sold Mary Kay!?! I actually like a lot of their products, but I don’t think I could buy solely from Mary Kay. I’m a makeup connoisseur and way too picky to love everything one line carries…that goes for all make-up lines. I think Mary Kay has been the face of women for quite some time. They offer some really great stuff to their employees as well. I think, all and all, they just want the women that use their products to feel beautiful; and the people that work for them to be successful. Mary Kay offers a very positive and encouraging message, and I like that. My biggest gripe about Mary Kay has nothing to do with their product, it has to do with their sales people. I don’t know about you, but I hate feeling pressured, badgered, or bullied into something. I get very irritable and uncomfortable and then I’m probably going to avoid you at all costs. Not everyone that sells Mary Kay or any other independent product is like that, but the ones that are really stand out and turn people off.

Here is the great thing…you can buy Mary Kay online! You don’t even have to go into a store or talk to someone! Awesome, right? However, if someone you know and love sells Mary Kay, hook a sista up and buy from them!

Here we go…product review time…

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in black – This mascara is $15 and has Mary Kay® Panthenol-Pro Complex™, helps condition lashes and helps defend against breakage. It is fragrance free, and it is Ophthalmologist-tested and suitable for contact lens wearers. I actually really love this mascara and I’m a picky little thing when it comes to mascara! The price point is not bad. It’s more expensive than most drug store brands, but more affordable than mascara that you’re going to find at Norstrom, Macy’s, or Sephora. I really like a long and full looking lash, but I absolutely cannot stand clumpy. I don’t know how many selfies I see with girls talking about how great their lashes look and they have total clumpy spider lashes – it’s not cute, ever, on anyone. Mary Kay “Lash Love” doesn’t flake or clump. It helps lengthen and thicken your lashes and it’s is really easy to apply. I would buy this again, recommend it, and continue to use it.

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist – This eye color is $14, and when I first saw it, I have to tell you I was totally stoked about it. The color is absolutely beautiful…it reminds me of something a goddess would wear. Who doesn’t want to be a goddess? The color went on smooth and looked beautiful. However, I’m not a fan of cream eye shadows, or blushes for that matter. I do not think they sustain themselves throughout the day. Some people love them…I hate them. I really wanted to love Mary Kay’s version, but I just couldn’t. It smudged really bad by midday and mixed with my eye liner, then it began to crease and peel. I don’t typically have greasy eyelids at all, but it has been in the 90′s for the past week. If you’re a fan of cream shadows I would suggest wearing this on a colder day and without eyeliner. I might keep using this as a highlighter or give it away to my girls or a friend. I would not buy this product, and I wouldn’t recommend it because of my own experience. However, I have seen some great reviews from others.

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush – This blush is $12 and I absolutely love it. It does have some shimmer, which I’m not usually a fan of, but the shimmer is light and makes my skin glow. It’s very natural with just enough pop of color, and it’s perfect for a summertime look. This blush maintains it’s color throughout the day and doesn’t get streaky. I would buy this again, recommend it, and continue to use it.

Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder

Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder – This is $16. I really like this powder, it is very smooth, blends well, and is a great price. I use a translucent powder every day and it is one of my must have products. I would buy this again, recommend it, and continue to use it.

Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner

Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator in Jet Black – This is $18. I think this eye liner is pretty brilliant. It goes on smooth and comes with an application brush. I also used one of my sharp angles brushes for finishing touches, but the brush that is included works well. This eyeliner didn’t smudge and held it’s own during this super hot week here in California. I wouldn’t have this be my only eye liner. However, I will keep using it. I like to have several eye liners and several mascaras. I have a huge love for the eye liner I already use, but this one is a very close second. This eyeliner would be great for women that have a hard time getting a straight line or a cat eye. You don’t have to be as steady and accurate with this eye liner, which is a huge bonus! I would buy this again, recommend it, and continue to use it.

Mary Kay Bronzing Powder

Mary Kay Bronzing Powder in Light/Medium – This is $18…which I think is a smokin’ deal. I fell in love with this bronze. It has a bit of a shimmer to it, which again, I hate – however, this made me look sun kissed and natural. I had this beautiful glow and I really loved the way it blended with my shading bronzer. I do use a darker bronzer for my shading, however, this brozer can be used for many different skin tones…if you’re lighter, use less…if you’re darker, use more. Just use your discretion. They do make a medium/dark, but I found that I actually like the Light/Medium – trust me I LOVE bronzer. I was even shocked that I didn’t want a darker one. I will totally buy this again, I highly recommend it, and I will continue to use it.

Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss

Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango – This is $14. I think the price is just a tad high for what it is…then again, I pay more than that for my usual lipgloss. I loved the color and how vibrant it was on me. I did need to do a couple coats to get the color as dark as I wanted it. The lipgloss was silky, rather than sticky and gross feeling. This lipgloss lasted, and the color stayed vibrant. I would not buy this again. I would recommend it, and I will continue to use the one I have. The only reason I wouldn’t continue to buy this is because I am obsessed with the gloss that I already use.

Mary Kay also sent me two makeup brushes.

The Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer brush – I really love this brush! It is smooth, it doesn’t shed, and my make-up goes on smooth with it. I wouldn’t buy it, yet I would recommend it, and I will continue to use it. The only reason I wouldn’t buy it again is obvious…I already have it. Another reason is I have some make-up brushes that I am obsessed with and I will never turn my back on them.

The Mary Kay Cheek Brush – This is $14 I like this brush quite a bit as well. It isn’t as soft as the concealer brush. However, it is smooth and doesn’t shed. I really like the way it blends my make-up. I’ll be using this brush for many many moons! I wouldn’t not buy this brush again as I already own it, though I would, for sure, recommend it. I will absolutely continue to use it.

Kaysha Comfort

I hope that you enjoyed this Mary Kay / Influenster VoxBox breakdown! I sure enjoyed checking out all the products! Let me know some of your favorite beauty products, or ask me any beauty questions you may have! I’d love to help!

Happy bronzing!


*This product was gifted to me to review. I will always give my honest opinion whether the product was a gift or not. If the product is lame, I’ll tell you. I’m not scrrrrrd.*

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    I have recently started using Tarte foundation from Ulta. IIt is made with Amazonian clay and definitely isn’t overpowering. As you know, I have very light skin so it is hard to find a foundation that doesn’t look like you are wearing it. Tarte it is amazing and I would highly recommend trying it. Cheers!!

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