Holy Babies! Gift Ideas for new babies.

Hello friends!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like it is the season of babies and I just can’t seem to keep up with all these cutie new mommy’s in my life. I, for one, love giving gifts, I think it is so much fun…but I tend to go overboard. I like giving things that are either unique or useful – or both!

Petal and Twig Felt-Knox

A while back I was looking for a really special gift for some friends of ours…it needed to be one of a kind…so I went on a journey of searching Etsy, it’s totally my go to place when I am in a bind and need to find something that is special. Etsy is so great because a lot of the items can be personalized and they are hand made! I love it so much, it feels so much more genuine to give a gift like that.

Petal and Twig Felt-Florida

I stumbled upon this great little shop called Petal and Twig Felt by Monica Cutler out of Nashville, TN. Monica has the cutest little shop and if you come up with an idea that she doesn’t have on her page, she is very easy to work with. I had a vision of what I wanted, so I described it to Monica and she brought it to life. Her prices are fantastic, she is timely, and she pays attention to the details. When the box arrived it was so beautifully wrapped I didn’t have to add anything to it. I did need to reshape the box a bit, but let’s be real people, FedEx and UPS don’t coddle our packages like infants! Monica was so sweet and concerned about the box and hoping it was fine! I told her that it was great and I just gave it some shape back, and that if anyone complained to her about it…well, then they were just complainers, because everything was beautiful! Monica even threw in a matching pair of socks! The gift was a huge hit! I’m currently working up another onesie for a special little baby that is due to arrive soon and I can’t wait to give it to my friends for their son!

Petal and Twig Felt-Musical

For me this a way to give a meaningful gift that stands out from the rest! I will continue to shop with Monica at Petal and Twig Felt for as many babies as I can! Go check out her shop and all the creative and fun things she has to offer…you will not be disappointed! She doesn’t just do onesies…I saw a super cute 4th birthday shirt she made as well!

Petal and Twig Felt-Mermaid

Yay, babies!


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  1. Sarah Carpenter says:

    So cute, thanks for sharing. Cheers!!

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